During a busy week, TCU finds time to give back

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TCU football players work with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to build beds for children (Frogs Today/Jamie Plunkett).

By Jamie Plunkett
Frogs Today staff writer

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Between the practices, media events and a few opportunities to have some fun, TCU has stayed busy in preparation for the VRBO Fiesta Bowl on Saturday.

On Wednesday afternoon the Horned Frogs found a different way to stay busy.

Despite the rain and chilly temperatures, TCU spent several hours at Notre Dame Preparatory School building beds. The Frogs partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace — an organization dedicated to providing every child in America with a bed — to build 25 beds for children who don’t currently have one.

Jordy Sandy was happy to have the chance to give back on Wednesday.

TCU’s punter is no stranger to charity work. Sandy  is donating $20 to the Hope Center for Autism in Fort Worth every time he downs a punt inside the 20-yard line.

“Being able to give back wherever we can, I think it’s important to find opportunities to do that as much as possible,” Sandy said.

The Frogs broke up into groups, measuring and cutting pieces of wood, staining, drilling holes, nailing slats together, and even using a brand to put the Sleep in Heavenly Peace logo on the bed frames.

TCU defensive end Caleb Fox was on the team dedicated to nailing slats together, and he said that the project hit close to home for him.

“It means a lot just to be able to give back because I was one of those kids growing up without a lot of stuff,” Fox said. “So it just feels good to do that.”

Luke Mickelson, Sleep in Heavenly Peace’s founder and executive director, was on site working alongside the Frogs.

“It really got started as a family Christmas project,” Mickelson said. “Once we realized that child bedlessness was as big as it was, we decided to make it more than just a family Christmas project.”

A native of Twin Falls, Isaho, Mickelson began inviting members of his community to help. From there, Sleep in Heavenly Peace continued to grow. Now, in its 10th year, a project that started as a family Christmas tradition has now become the largest charity globally that provides beds to children.

“We have 300-plus chapters nationwide,” Mickelson said. “Back in the first the first season, in 2012, we built 11 beds. Today, we have built over 140,000 beds.”

TCU’s 25 beds will go to children in the greater Phoenix area, but TCU fans and folks in Dallas-Fort Worth can join in on the Frogs’ efforts right at home.

There are three chapters of Sleep in Heavenly Peace in DFW, in Burleson, Dallas and Denton. You can also donate to specific chapters and recommend families to receive beds from the organization, all at shpbeds.org.

Jamie Plunkett, jamie@frogstoday.com


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