Frogs Today Daily: T-shirts underscore importance of one of the five Ds of TCU football

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By Jeff Wilson
Frogs Today senior writer

God is in the details, the saying goes, and it’s more befitting of a team with Christian in its name that the devilish variation.

Both, though, ring true when a football team keeps is focus on the details — or when it loses track of them.

The first speaks to the kind of good things that can happen when TCU players pay attention to details.

Details is one of coach Sonny Dykes’ five Ds. Dykes isn’t one of them, at least not officially.

But the thinking is that players taking care of the details, aka the little things, will create a foundation to make them successful.

And it’s driven home each day, in the weight room where the five Ds are posted throughout and on t-shirts and sweatshirts being worn by coaches and support staff during practices.

“Details, you want to pay attention to the little things,” cornerbacks coach Carlton Buckels said. “It’s just anything. Just the little things, doing the little things right all the time.”

A lot of times it’s a player knowing his assignment and alignment. Or not committing a pre-snap penalty. Or making sure his toe is pointed the right way during a particular stretch.

But details take place off the field, too. A player can’t forget his to have his water bottle throughout the day as he tries to stay hydrated. If a player sees a piece of trash in the locker room or on the practice field, he needs to pick it up

All players need to do well enough in the classroom and also pay attention to their nutrition.

Some positions are more detailed-oriented than others.

“O-line is a detail position,” offensive line coach A.J. Ricker said. “Everything starts with your feet. It’s like the foundation. I always tell them, the details are your foundation and your hands are additive. Really, the third phase of that is mindset.”

It should be evident early on in the season how well the Frogs are minding the details.

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