From the new guy: Let’s partner in ‘Dissecting the Frogs’

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By David Beaudin
Frogs Today staff writer

FORT WORTH — As launches into the premiere, go-to, one-stop shop for everything Horned Frogs, I am excited to strap in and be part of this ride.  

It is important that I introduce myself and that you fully understand that, as this community grows, this will always be a collaborative process for  “Dissecting the Frogs.” This means not only having the pleasure of working with Roxo Media House, president JW Wilson, CEO Todd Fitzgerald, host/director of FrogsToday Brian Estridge, director of media/executive producer Jay Fitzgerald, senior editor Jeff Wilson and many other talented Frogs Today contributors, but also having meaningful and credible partnerships with you, the reader and subscriber of Frogs Today. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a football coach. I am not a reporter, journalist, columnist, broadcaster, commentator, writer, correspondent, publicist, author, editor, publisher or even a bartender. Have I done some of these tasks? Sure. Have I done them well? Expert in any of these areas? Not quite, though I can hold my own tending bar. Again, I am just a football coach. Therefore, I am going to lean on you to engage and let me know areas of football and the TCU football program that you would like to dive into a little deeper. 

The game of football is a lifelong passion. I love the strategizing, coming together to strain and work toward a common goal, the literal and figurative way in which you get knocked down and immediately get back up, the commaradory, the life lessons it teaches, character it reveals, and the discipline in somehow reveling in delayed gratification — in a world where “instant” is king.

There are many other attributes about this game that have given me so much; however, perhaps the best thing about the game of football is the community it cultivates. From those donning the helmets and the coaches on the sideline, to those in the stands — everyone is in it together.

Where else in this great country can you find students, faculty members, administration, board members, casual fans, neighbors, families and more all on the same “team,” rooting and cheering in unison on a Saturday afternoon?  Football creates community, and the goal of the “Dissecting the Frogs” section of Frogs Today aims to do exactly the same.

As a football coach, that is all I know. Let’s partner and work together to make this experience something we can all enjoy!

The plan is to look into how the current roster fits into coach Sonny Dykes and Co.’s schematic philosophy, how players’ physical attributes compliment the new Horned Frogs style, and how areas of the SMU blueprint apply to their purple foes across town. 

In addition, I look forward to jumping into recruits who TCU is high on, have mutual interest, may be nearing a commitment or after they have signed with the Frogs. Rather than just list stats and stars, I would like to explore how and where these future Frogs can and/or will add value to the program, based on their skill set and fit.  

Moreover, I would like to get with current position groups, breakdown film and chop it up, and have some fun, as we give the community a peek behind the curtain. Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@CoachBeaudin) with any suggestions and/or things you may find interesting. 

Thank you for joining me on this exciting and groundbreaking venture. I appreciate you helping guide a football coach through this digital media world, and I look forward to serving you and in any way possible.


Let’s have a blast and Go Frogs! 

David Beaudin

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