Homefield Apparel just launched the TCU collection, and it’s perfect

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There are so many exceptional old Frog mascots in this collection (Homefield Apparel)


By Melissa Triebwasser
Frogs Today staff writer

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I have a drawer full of Homefield Apparel shirts. In fact, I created a drawer exclusively for Homefield Apparel shirts to accommodate the gear I have purchased for assorted schools I have no affiliation with otherwise. It started with the Tulane Angry Wave and this perfect Rainbow Warriors tee, and has extended to two pairs of joggers, a sweatshirt and about a dozen other shirts from various colleges across the country.

From the first time I slipped on one of their uber-comfortable shirts (and don’t even get me started on how incredible the joggers are), all I could think about was when a TCU line would join the party. I had to watch Baylor get a brilliant collection. Oklahoma State? Chef’s kiss. Have you seen Iowa State’s angry Cy? You should. Texas Tech got a flying tortilla shirt. Texas’s Bevo lineup is outstanding. West Virginia? C’mon. Even Kansas wins when it comes to Homefield Apparel.

And yet, we waited. And badgered the brand and TCU’s athletic director on social media. But mostly we waited.

Well, wait no more, Frogs fans.

After a week of teasing, the TCU Homefield Apparel line has officially dropped. And let me tell you, it absolutely slaps.

There’s an ode to the Frog Horn. The Spiky Frog sitting on a football that was their Big New Saturday shirt of the week. The lead image to this article is perfection. For those of you who love the Sunday baseball uniforms like I do? Yes, that Frogs script is on a t-shirt. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You definitely want to check out Homefield Apparel and view the entire line, because there is truly something for everyone. Homefield digs through the archives and history of your school to find unique logos, mascots and moments to make thoughtful designs for your school. And they have nailed it for TCU.

And when you find the shirt, or two, or all 14 items that you just have to have before football season, be sure to use the code FROGSTODAY to save 15% off of your first order. If you are a veteran spender of money with The Good Brand like myself, you can sign up for text messages to score a discount code as well.

I can personally attest to the comfort and quality of everything Homefield makes and how well it holds up. So go check out this incredible collection and just try not to add this beauty to your game day wardrobe.

Reporter, photographer, and Horned Frog for life.

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