VIDEO…State of the Big12 Conference; Commissioner, Brett Yormark

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Key Takeaways:

What’s Next? We are.

Deepest football conference in the country.

Big12 Olympic sports continue to strengthen.

Student-athletes will be prioritized on and off the field regarding their brands and narratives.

Dynamic partnerships with ESPN and Fox will continue.

We are prepared for this new era of college athletics.

There is no time for pause.

Bullet points regarding questions:

Salary Cap

14 team playoff and exclusivity to SEC and Big10 for first round byes

SEC and Big10 powerplay

Big12 best version of itself

West coast power figure and work with WWE NIL program

Revenue sharing

Model in college sports and private equity

Building partnerships as a great speed

4 corner school.. 4 big brands, big markets, engaged fan bases, etc.

Events out west and Mexico.. does convenience matter

Deepest football league in the country.. star power!

16 strong brands.. any number that is too big for expansion

Basketball only television deal.. Big East news

How long with college athletics scene be in this fluxuation

ESPN and FOX help shape the narrative of the league, new TV windows to explore

Las Vegas Bowl

Initiatives to grow brand internationally

Cohesion and unity of the 16 teams and their leadership

Pro Day and possible High School combine

Additional brand opportunities, CMO

Fusion and old and new generations, Nelly

TCU riff ram icon

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