Fans React: TCU 42, SMU 34

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Frog fans celebrate during TCU’s 42-34 win over SMU (TCU Football).


By Jamie Plunkett
Frogs Today staff writer

The Battle for the Iron Skillet happened for the 101st time, and like the majority of the 100 before it, TCU won.

TCU fans made their way to Gerald J. Ford Stadium in Dallas from all over the Metroplex and beyond, bringing more energy and noise than the Mustangs’ home crowd could dream of.

Here’s what the Frogs fans took away from their time in Dallas.

Ref show

It did seem like the Frogs were battling both SMU and the officials at times. Mustangs receiver Rashee Rice seemed more intent on drawing flags on Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson than actually catching the football, and it worked. TCU’s senior cornerback was flagged three times in the first half, once for holding and twice for pass interference.

The second pass-interference call came on a ball that was several feet over Rice’s head and seemed uncatchable.

Alternatively, the refs picked up a pass-interference flag on an SMU defensive back in coverage against Quentin Johnston in the first half, while also refraining from throwing one on a critical third down in the second half.

On the day, TCU was flagged 10 times for 94 yards. SMU was called for just three penalties for 25 yards. That being said, the final penalty of the game came against the Mustangs, a leaping personal foul that gave the Frogs a first down and allowing them to ice the game.

Duggan with another good day

Max Duggan is completing 77 percent of his passes this season, with eight touchdowns and no interceptions. He’s done everything asked of him, despite a coaching change and losing his starting job. Sonny Dykes even got emotional talking about Duggan during his postgame press conference.

Duggan is thriving right now, and he’s going to force the coaches to make a very difficult decision when Chandler Morris returns to full health. That day could be coming soon, as Morris was dressed out and warming up on the field Saturday.

Max, plus more

Derius Davis, Kendre Miller and Emari Demercado accounted for four of TCU’s six touchdowns on the day, and 312 yards of offense. For all the Air-
Raid talk, TCU is strong on the ground.

SMU schadenfreude

SMU fans barely showed up in the first place, with most not trickling in until midway through the first quarter. Then, the bulk of them left once the Frogs got up 28-7. There were horror stories about concession lines, flooding bathrooms and trash everywhere, as the Mustangs seemed more focused on buying purple urinal cakes than actually providing a quality game-day experience.

Not to mention, the TCU fans in the stands were on time, loud and stayed until the bitter end.

The heat

It was a warm day in Texas, and the fake turf on SMU’s field didn’t do anything to help matters. Fans were sweating, and they couldn’t get water quickly because of the aforementioned concession issues.

The newest Frogs fan

TCU is 1-0 with her on board! Let’s make it 2-0 on Saturday.

Just a Frog fan covering TCU Athletics.

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