Hair of the Frog: Raider rash

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Sonny Dykes and the marijuana frog made another believer Saturday afternoon (The Associated Press/Ron Jenkins).



By Cuz Bayless
Subbin’ fer Frogs Today righteous dude


Here’s how I come to writin this here paper.

Seems my city cousin Skiff got some bad corn likker from the mountain rears last weekend.

Give him the blind staggers. Boy couldn’t ever hold his likker. Been in bed with the shivers for goin on a week.

Skiff was gonna get his buddy Jerf to write it, but Jerf don’t do no readin or writin lessen it’s for work. So he asked me. I told him I ain’t writ nothin but my name since fifth grade. He said that’s OK ain’t nobody gonna read it anyways.

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