Make it 3 straight for Men’s Basketball and 15 times for Dixon

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The Men’s basketball team will be going dancing for the 3rd straight year for the first time in program history.  Head coach, Jamie Dixon makes it his 15th time as a head coach to get his team to the dance.  Dixon is 1 of 9 active head coaches that has achieved that mark of 15 plus times to receive a bid to March Madness but Dixon has never been to Indianapolis as a head coach in the post-season.

Utah State is the opponent, Friday night at 8:55pm CT in Indianapolis in the first round.

Lots to unpack here as this team is destine to move beyond where they have been the past 2 years and determined to make a deep run.

The Frogs made it to the second round in the last 2 seasons and are 1 of 11 teams of the 68 teams in the field to win at least one game in the tournament.

The season has had its ups and downs for sure but the Big12 is the best basketball conference in the country, with 8 of its teams advancing to the tournament.  That is tied with the SEC with the next best conference, the Big10 with 6 teams, and the ACC with 5.

TCU has played the 26th best strength of schedule out of 362 teams and there are only 3 teams that have played more Q1 games than Dixon’s team.

“This never gets old,” commented Dixon.

He is impressed with how well his defense has been playing going into the post-season.  In last weeks Big12 tournament, the Frogs out-rebounded the nations #1 team (Houston) by 15 and 30 of their 55 rebounds were offensive boards.

Dixon speaks highly of his kids and credits them for on and off the court accomplishments representing TCU at the highest standards.

“We have way more to do and I know it won’t be easy.  I like being the underdog, I like challenges, and adding to that, I have the extra advantage of having a passion and connection to the school (TCU),” Dixon mentioned.

Defense has been a huge priority for his group all year and Dixon has spent the most amount of energy showing how serious he is on getting them better defensively.  They were the best all year on that side of the ball the last 2 games.

The tournament is a great thing for the university regarding brackets (over 80 million brackets) and according to Dixon, “More people are going to know about TCU now.  Someone is going to pick TCU to win, and everyone goes in believing.”

Emanuel Miller came back for this and along with Micah Peavy and Jakobe Coles they speak on expectations moving forward.  This group when coming to TCU, wanted to accomplish something special, the TCU way.  Urgency is at the highest playing like their lives are on the line.

Coles emphasized the 3rd year in a row and his excitement for this years post-season.

Peavy has experience playing Utah State his freshman year and won that game in Indianapolis.  He is now at the dance for the 4th year and looks forward to beating them again.

Head Coach, Jamie Dixon

Emanuel Miller, Micah Peavy, and Jakobe Coles


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