Process-oriented Frogs planning for long trek to Omaha

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Ryan Vanderhei sits in the dugout at Lupton Stadium. The transfer from Kansas will be featured in the TCU rotation (TCU Baseball/Sam Straker).

By Jamie Plunkett
Frogs Today staff writer


“Omaha you’ve been weighing heavy on my mindI guess I never really left at allI’m turning all those roads I’ve walked around the other wayAnd coming back to you, Omaha”

Kirk Saarloos knows it’s time.

It’s the first day of spring practice for TCU, and Saarloos is standing on the newly installed turf in foul territory speaking with the media. Because of how we’re all positioned, Saarloos can see the five College World Series logos on Lupton Stadium’s left-field wall.

“It stares at us every day,” Saarloos said. “We haven’t been there since 2017. It’s time to get back there.”

Six years have passed since TCU was one of the last eight teams standing in college baseball, and the Frogs are itching to get back.

For the first time in a long time, no one on the current roster has any College World Series experience, but that fact isn’t keeping TCU from dreaming big. Junior pitcher Luke Savage didn’t hesitate when asked about the team’s goal for this season.

“Win a national championship,” Savage said. “That simple. That’s the goal.”

If the Frogs are going to make their way back to Omaha, though, Saarloos knows that the team’s focus can’t be on the goal itself.

It has to be on the process.

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